KEBAA Co. is a leading Egyptian producer of building insulation materials. KEBAA offers reliable and effective insulation products for construction companies, contractors in Egypt, Gulf & Europe

KEBAA was founded in 2003 and since then has accumulated considerable experience in manufacturing, import and export the insulation building materials and considered as the leader producer and supplier for insulation building materials. As well as developing and promoting materials and systems that minimize energy-loss in the industrial sector and public utilities.

With experience of more than 20 years in the insulation business by our founders and 15 years of experience as manufacturers and distributors of different insulation materials we have good overview of the market needs and requirements which by years of experience we managed to deliver with maximum efficiency.

KEBAA is proud to offer up-to-date state of the art manufacturing technologies that support the construction revolution and mega projects all over the world and reflect on price as well. KEBAA provides Wide range of insulation materials and reliable solutions that facilitate making a choice that is best for the project in both in price and in quality.

We care about our environment, energy efficiency of buildings & cutting down operational and construction costs as well as our consumption of energy in KEBAA plants.

We enjoy seeing our production accredited and Complying with European, American and International standards, and introducing KEBAA as a global brand.


some of our clients that trust us, be shure to be one of them